Friday, August 26, 2011

Russian Slaves #61 - Mr. Beria Part 1 hot bdsm pics

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This movie shows the darkest pages of Russian account when the man in charge of the secret police was the sadistic, actual powerful chief of NKVD, Mr. Beria Lavrenti Pavlovich. Millions of harmless people were killed in NKVD concentration camps, because of the distraction in secret police which considered them spies of foreign countries. In this movie, Mr. Beria and his barbarian officer Mr. Voronzov are torturing the daughter of a general who was hot bdsm stories convicted at the same time that a spy. The hot bdsm video poor schoolgirls was forced to undress hot bdsm thumbs completely in forehead of two males and tied to the table in a hot bdsm girls degrading and humiliating assertion. The she was brutally whipped by the police officer until her stately naked posterior became extreme bdsm porn a bloody mess.

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